Refund Policy for Black Gold Impex Hair Extensions

Black Gold Impex values our client’s feedback and satisfaction regarding our products. We have a transparent Refund/Exchange Policy for all our Human Hair extensions. The refund policy includes all types of purchase – individual pieces as well as Bulk Human Hair.

1.Do you have a return/exchange policy for Machine Weft human hair extensions?

Yes, we are happy to return/exchange your Machine Weft human hair extensions, provided they are unopened and secure within the packaging. We have very low return rates, since our customers are usually quite satisfied with the products they receive. But in some cases we understand that you may want to return or exchange your product and we are happy to accommodate both returns and exchanges provided they have not been open, worn or tampered with.

2.Do you have a return/exchange policy for Bulk Human Hair pieces?

No, we don’t have a return/exchange policy for Bulk Human Hair. To ascertain the quality of our Bulk Human hair we suggest that you initially place a sample order of 5 – 10 pieces, based on that you may proceed with your Bulk Order.

3.Can I return/exchange my order?

You may return/exchange your order for Machine Weft Hair extensions provided they have not been opened from the packaging, worn or damaged.

4.Can I cancel my order?

If you have issued the payment towards your order either by Paypal or through Account Transfer and want to cancel the same, we suggest that you get in touch with our representative at the earliest to CANCEL the order. After making contact over the phone also send us an email stating the order cancellation and the reason for it. Once that has been completed we will take the necessary steps to refund your money.

5.Why cannot I return my Machine Weft hair extensions after it has been opened?

Human Hair extensions are considered hygienic products. We have to ensure the hygiene and safety of all returned products for the future use of our customers and hence we cannot allow Opened/tampered hair extensions to be returned as a matter of hygiene.

6.How do I proceed with my Order Return?

All unopened Machine Weft Hair Extensions may be returned within 7 days from receiving the order shipment. In order to initiate the return/exchange please get in touch with a representative from Black Gold Impex via Phone and email. Please make note of our Phone Numbers: +91 – 95000-61263/ +91 – 99626-34340 and our Email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7.Do I have to pay for the shipment of my returned products?

Yes, you are responsible for all Return shipping costs and we advise you to send us the Tracking code for the Return Order as Black Gold Impex will not be responsible for lost shipment.

8.When will I receive my refund?

A full refund of the original order payment will be made to your Purchase account after we have received, verified and confirmed that the returned product has not been Opened, tampered or damaged in any way. We will send you an email communication regarding this confirmation and then proceed with the refund.

9.What is the return period?

Product returns will have to be initiated within 10 days from receiving the order.

10.How may I contact you to initiate my return/exchange?

You may contact us initially by Phone to inform that you intend to return the product that you have received. Our Phone numbers are: +91 – 95000-61263/ +91 – 99626-34340. After that you need to send us an email confirming the order return with all the details of your purchase, our email id is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.