BlackGold Impex is best known supplier of huge varieties of virgin Brazilian hair extension. At BlackGold Impex, you are provided with a choice of different solutions from virgin Brazilian curly hair to Brazilian Human Hair extension and synthetic options too.

At BlackGold Impex, we receive hair materials from various temples and the hair undergoes sorting and other processes to remove damaged hair. With these processes, virgin Brazilian hair extension gets a long lasting and natural look.

We, BlackGold Impex work closely with skilled workers worldwide and produce the highest quality texture of Brazilian human hair extension that blends with natural ethnicity.

What should be known about Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair?

BlackGold Impex supplies the best of virgin Brazilian curly hair that looks more healthy, natural and also fresh and shiny than normal straight hair.

  • These products are easy to use – just need special glue or clip it with clips.
  • No damage will occur on one’s natural tresses.
  • No headaches or a kind of allergies will be bonded along with the use of virgin Brazilian curly
  • hair
  • Styling and bouncy look can be maintained for a long time
  • The foremost factor is its cost which is very affordable at BlackGold Impex

Know how to maintain the Shine of Virgin Brazilian Hair Extension

  1. Always keep the hair dry and make sure the hair drier is not applied directly on the hair
  2. Keep your Brazilian human hair extension away from chlorine: Unfortunately, swimming should not be done to avoid exposing to the chemicals
  3. Ensure that the hair is shampooed and conditioned at least once in a week.
  4. Applying hair care products including hairspray, mousse, gel and even curling or straightening irons are advisable to give long life and glossy look.

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