At BlackGold Impex, we are cent% conscious that one’s choice to enhance their appearance with hair extensions should never cause hair damage or loss. Our history in hair manufacturing never created a negative impact. We, reliable human hair exporters in India continue to manufacture extraordinary products that are non-damaging and safe for use.


Therefore, it is of no surprise that BlackGold Impex has discovered the best way to provide great lengths, thickness and dynamic color easily without creating any damage or loss to original hair. Unlike other traditional methods available today, BlackGold Impex, the best Indian human hair exporters offer shiny, silky and extraordinary human hair extensions by adopting best solutions in the market.


While most companies and manufacturers still utilize 20-year-old technology and concept for manufacturing hair extensions, BlackGold Impex addresses the current trend and requirement of people. We, reputed human hair extensions in India didn’t use expensive machines and tools to produce highest quality extensions. Don’t simply break your head to find out our methodology in manufacturing quality hair extensions. We simply manufacture hair extensions by collecting real hair that is the major reason for our product not creating hair loss or damage.  


No Heat, No Tools is our motto. We, trustworthy Indian human hair extensions can bring any hairstyle you look for in just few mins or less.