Hair Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process from Raw Hair to Ready to Wear

What is Virgin Indian Remy Hair and how is it made.

  • Getting the Raw material: Raw Hair arrives at our factory from various temples where hair is shaved/tonsured from female devotees head as appeasement to the Hindu Gods. Tonsuring is also practiced among the Christian community in South India. Since the hair is shaved from the scalp directly and not cut it is “cuticle intact” and thus called as Remy Hair/Single Drawn Hair/Virgin Hair. As soon as it is cut the hair is tied into individual bundles, the hair retains its shape and texture as it was prior to being shaved off from the donor. Once a certain amount of hair is stockpiled by the temple, they open bids for bulk raw hair purchase. We participate in the bidding process and get the desired raw material directly from the temples.
  • Quality Control: The raw hair bundles are then individually examined by our skilled workers to remove damaged hair such as hair infested with lice and nits, grey hairs etc. The hair also undergoes a sorting process, where it is separated into different textures such as Straight Hair, Wavy Hair, Curly Hair and Colored Hair (including Brown hair and Grey hair).
  • Hair Sanitizing Process: Once sorted, the raw hair bundles are soaked overnight in an Industrial Herbal shampoo base and thoroughly washed and rinsed the next day. Next, comes the Conditioning process, which helps the hair retain its softness and moisture. The washed hair is then let to dry out in natural sunlight, on a clean surface.
  • The Hackling process: The cleaned hair is then repeatedly brushed with a wide tooth metal comb, thus separating the hair strands and rendering the hair free flowing and tangle free.
  • Machine Wefts: After hackling, about 100 gms of hair is taken out of each bundle. This 100 gms is then sewn into wefts using a special sewing machine for creating hair wefts. We use a 3 head machine to create tightly secure wefts that can be easily attached under your natural hair.
  • Packaging: Individual hair bundles are packed into separate plastic wrapping bags and made ready for shipment. The packaging can be customized to suit the client requirement.