Points to consider while buying Human Hair and Human Hair Extensions.

What you need to look for while buying Hair Extensions ?

Remy Hair extensions also known as Virgin Hair Extensions are by far the best product available in the market. We manufacture pure Indian Remy Hair extensions/ Virgin Indian Hair extensions which have been shaved off from a single donor, while keeping the cuticle intact. This ensures that the hair maintains a uniform flow, texture and appearance as earlier; resulting in fewer tangles and knots, while enabling the hair to remain in good condition for long periods of time.


How is Human Hair different from synthetic hair ?

Human Hair extensions are made from real human hair. Human hair extensions are highly versatile and can be treated, styled, coloured, washed and maintained like our natural hair. Synthetic hair on the other hand fails to retain oil and moisture within the hair follicles, rendering it rough, tangled and dull. It has a much shorter life span than human hair extensions because it is highly prone to damage from the sun, curling and hair dryers. In addition, synthetic hair is artificial and does not easily blend in with our natural hair, resulting in an un-natural look.


Are your hair extensions made from 100% natural human hair ?

Yes we only sell Human Hair extensions made from 100% Indian Remy Hair/ Virgin Indian Hair, ensuring excellent quality and durability. Featuring a silky smooth texture and dense volume bouncy hair our machine weft hair extensions have been created to completely and discretely blend in with your own hair, making it invisible to the naked eye.


How long will my human hair extensions last ?

Since we manufacture hair extensions only made from 100% Indian Virgin Human Hair we can guarantee that the lifespan of our hair extensions ranges from 9 months – 1 ½ years, given the level of care and maintenance that it receives.


Can human hair extensions be coloured and styled like natural hair ?

Yes! As in the case with your natural hair, you can highlight, streak, colour, straighten, curl and style your hair extensions as you feel right. While colouring your hair, please opt for a semi permanent hair colour, because it is gentle and does not greatly damage the hair follicles. While styling your hair, we recommend you to use a generous quantity of good quality conditioner prior to commencing any form of styling procedure.


Will my hair extensions get damaged if I swim and exercise with them on ?

No, these are day to day activities which will not result in any long term hair damage. You can wear our Indian Remy Virgin Hair extensions in the shower, while swimming, dancing and exercising. However, it is advisable to avoid chlorine pools and sea water because of their high acidic and salt content.


What hair products are helpful in maintaining hair extensions ?

We recommend a hair care routine which includes good quality conditioners, moisturizing creams, hair masks and hair serums to maintain smooth, soft and lustrous hair. While sleeping it is advisable to tie up your hair with a scarf to prevent tangling and knotting.


What hair length is recommended for installing hair extensions ?

To install hair extensions your hair length should ideally be above 6 inches. If hair length is your concern, then wigs are an excellent alternative.


How do I place an order ?

Currently, our shopping cart is under construction and for this reason we are accepting orders via our Customer Feedback form and through email. We suggest you write-in to us stating your requirements for individual products and bulk hair, our company representatives will review your queries and respond within 2 working days. Please note our email address:


Please suggest the required quantity of hair for performing a full weave ?

Each pack of hair measures 100 gms in weight. For length 18 inches and under we recommend 2 packs of hair. If you are going in for hair extensions in lengths above 18 inches we suggest you buy 3 packs for volume and fullness. The longer the length of the hair, the shorter the width of the track from point to point, which means you will need more hair for coverage to achieve greater volume.
Also bear in mind that our curly hair has much more volume and bounce than straight or wavy hair, which means that you may not need as much hair for a fully covered look.


What is the method of Payment that you accept ?

Once you confirm your order via email, you can transfer the payment to us through Bank Transfer or through Money Transfer services such as Western Union, MoneyGram etc. Orders execution starts only after the payment has been received. Depending on the size of the order the shipment will be sent to our customers at a time frame ranging between 10 working days (for small & simple orders) – 20 working days (for larger orders)?
Our shopping cart is under construction now and will soon be ready to receive online payments.


Which countries do you ship your products to ?

Our manufacturing facility is located in Chennai, India. All orders are executed at this facility and exported to all countries globally. We ship via DHL, FedEx and other logistics companies.
In order to avoid delivery hassles we request you to please provide us with accurate Postage information to avoid unnecessary delays.
Please note, the shipment fees will be part of the order and will be borne by the customer.


I am interested in buying wholesale hair/ bulk hair, how do I go about it ?

Please send us an email stating your immediate and future product requirements and your contact information; our representatives will contact you to discuss the details. Wholesale orders above 5 kgs attract a discount of 15% across our product range.


What do I do if my product is damaged or not to my liking ?

In every order that we execute we try and maintain a high level of product quality and good packaging to ensure that the shipment reaches you in pristine condition. But even then if you are dissatisfied with the product that you have received, kindly contact us with your complaint via email and we will resolve your issue. We will offer you product replacement if you are dissatisfied with the product.


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